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My very first job was in an ice cream shop when I was 15 and I haven't left the food world since. 

I have always been drawn to hospitality, and bringing delicious baked goods to people just makes me so happy. Ive had a lot of wonderful experiences in the food world, travelling, competing, and making all sorts of tasty dishes.

It brings me joy to share my passionate love for baking with all of you lovely people, through the convenience of a (someday soon) drive thru bakery. 


(Pronounced Sa-Ray) Which I'm just now realizing sounds like sun-ray, which is very fitting in my opinion. ;)

As a mother of one dragon, soon to be two, I am very busy and never really feel like making the stop to my favourite cafe shops ONLY due to the fact that its sometimes inconvenient as a mother. 

I found myself wishing that I could just drive through on my way home to pickup a last minute pie, snack or coffee and still support the local family that runs the place. 

I am so darn passionate about providing this convenient service to others in the future, and of course baking my little heart out until then. 

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